Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Can I send someone to pick up my equipment on my behalf?

Yes. You must contact Reception to authorize someone to pick-up on your behalf. Please make sure they have their Government issued Photo ID, any information that was asked to be brought at the time of pick-up, and the appropriate payment type (for orders that require payment).

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept:

  • Exact Cash*
  • Debit*
  • Organization Cheque
  • School Cheque
  • Certified Cheque (Money Order)
  • Purchase Order

We do not accept credit cards of any kind.

*Only for students, indigenous individuals, homeschools, and low-income individuals/families.
**Oragnizations: Must stated the organization name on the e-transfer

Do you teach computer classes?

We do not teach computer literacy classes. We just supply equipment. There are many different organizations across Manitoba that teach computer literacy. You can view all the organizations that provide computer literacy classes on the Manitoba 211 website.

What buses do I have to take to get there?

We recommend using the Navigo website to help place your route here. The bus in our are is very limited.

Will you be delivering my equipment to me?

We do not do deliveries for clients. If you require shipping we can set it up via Canada Post. You are also welcome to set up your own courier service for pick-up.

How do I know if my application was approved?

All applications are essentially approved as soon as we receive it. If there is an issue with application, we will reach out via phone or email.

Can I request something different if I don't like what you gave me?

Our equipment stock is solely based on generous donations by various government entities, local business, and private individuals; making our stock fluctuating very heavily. With the high intake of orders we are receiving, we are unable to change or swap devices once they are attached to you order.

Pick-ups & Equipment

Are you open on weekends?

Our pick-up/drop-off hours are 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday and our office hours are 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday.

On occasion we do open over the weekends to bank overtime. When we do open on the weekend, the website will reflect the dates and times we will be open. We also announce it before hand on our social media. If you do not have access to any social media platform, it is shown on the bottom of our home page.

Can you send me a text instead of calling or emailing me?

We do not have the ability to text at this time. Our only forms of communication are calling or emailing. If you do not have calling or emailing available, you can message us on any of the social media platforms we are on (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter)

I'm not going to be able to pick up my equipment before the provided deadline. What do I do?

We ask that you contact us for further assistance.

Phone (204) 988-1790

Why can't I pay with a credit card or personal cheque?

These are just payments we do not accept due to varying reasons.

Your office is really far away from where I live. How am I supposed to pick-up my order?

It is the clients responsibility to pick-up the equipment or arrange for alternate solutions.

What is your refund policy?

14 days from the day of pick-up. There will be a restocking fee applied of 30%. If you do not contact us within the 14 day window, your request will not be accepted.

Why do you add a restocking fee to refunds?



I am a newcomer to Canada, do I qualify?

We do not provide to new comers directly. However, we do provide to non-profit organizations who assist new comer individuals and families. We recommend checking the Immigrant Centre of Manitoba's website for a full list of non-profits.

I have a child who is in high school, do they qualify?

We do not provide devices to grade school (Kindergarten - Grade 12) students directly. We provide devices to a variety schools directly for both staff and students to use.

I need a printer, but there is not an option on my application form to order one.

All equipment on the application that is relevant to you is what your client group is eligible for.

Why does my client group have equipment restrictions and others do not?

Equipment restrictions have a variety of reasons as to why they're implimented.

Example: Previously, we did not supply laptops to students, low-income individuals families, and indigenous individuals, as we did not have the stock to meet the demand. We have received a massive influx of laptop donations and now have made laptops available to all client groups, not just a select few.

My parent(s) are visiting me from out of province and they're 55(+), do they qualify?

To receive a device from us, the applicant has to be a resident of Manitoba. We do have other locations across the country. Check out Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada's website for a list of all Computers for Schools locations. Please note that the other locations will have different eligibility requirements, specifications, and may operate under a different name.

Client Verification

Why can't I just use my student ID card to verify that I am a student?

If your student ID does not have an expiration date on it (Winnipeg Transit sticker with the year on it is not sufficient), it does not prove that you are currently taking classes.

Why can't you use a MET number as identification for homeschools?

Every single person who goes through any school (public, private, independent, homeschool etc.) in Manitoba is provided a MET number and that number is assigned for life. For us to verify you are a homeschool, we have to use the Family Number that is provided to you by the Homeschooling Office of Manitoba.

I am doing all my school work from home. Why can't I apply as a homeschool?

All though you're doing your school work from home, it does not qualify you has a homeschool. Homeschooling is for parents who choose to teach their children themselves opposed to putting them into public, private, or independent schools.

For further information on Homeschooling in Manitoba, please head to the Manitoba Education and Early Childhood Learning website.

I want to apply as a low-income individual/family, but I don't have proof of income. How do I proceed?

For us to verify that you do fall within the threshold for our low-income program, we must be provided with some sort of proof of income. That could be anything from two most recent paystubs, any recent payments from EIA, Disability, any other type of government assistance, or your yearly income from

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