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Upon submitting an application and receiving equipment from Computers for Schools, you agree that:

  • The equipment will not be sold for profit by you or the organization you are associated with.

  • You are responsible for picking-up your request or arranging pick-up from our office.

  • When the equipment reaches its end-of-life, you will recycle it by returning it to Computers for Schools or another Electronics Products Recycling Association (EPRA) collector.

For specifications of the equipment we provide, please head to the Equipment in Stock page.

Equipment provided from our program comes with a 1-year limited warranty (consumables such as batteries and toner are not included). For more information, go to our Terms & Warranty page.

Students, low-income individuals/families, seniors, and Indigenous individuals are not eligible to receive printers. All requests for printers from clients within the listed groups will not be fulfilled.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail following submission of your application. If we need further information to process your application, we will contact you within 7 business days of your submission.

Hardware Request Form:
Name of School/Institution Attending: Student ID #:
First Name: Last Name:
Address: City/Town
Postal Code: E-mail:
Phone: Fax:
Desktop Computers (Limit of 1 desktop computer per fiscal year)

FREE Level Desktop - FREE

Operating System
Office Software

Low-Cost Level Desktop - $125

Operating System
Office Software
Laptops (Limit of 1 per fiscal year)

Low-Cost Level Laptop - $125

Operating System
Office Software
Networking (Limit of 1 per item per fiscal year)
For students who are taking networking related courses.

Switch - FREE


Tower Server (Linux OS) - FREE


RAM (4GB) - $25


Speaker(s) - FREE

Peripheral Equipment: Misc
Comments about your application, Special Requests:
Payment Options
  • Debit
  • Exact Cash
  • Certified Cheque / Money Order (Personal cheques cannot be accepted)

**NOTE: Desktops do not come with wifi capabilities pre-installed. Desktops have Ethernet ports pre-built into the device which allows for a direct connection from the computer, to your router, for internet connectivity. Should you require wifi on your desktop, there will be an option available in the extra's section of your application. Otherwise, we can provide you an Ethernet cable at your request. You can either leave a note in the comments section that you would like an Ethernet cable, or let us know at the time of pick-up.**

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