Success Stories

Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network

The Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network is one example of an organization that enhanced its community-based programs with donated equipment from Computers for Schools Manitoba.

Computers for Schools began working with Mosaic in 2014, providing 60 refurbished computers for Mosaic's LINC students to take home. LINC is the Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada program that Mosaic uses to teach newcomers English.

Mosaic was established in 2009 when five community language programs came together to form a united resource network that offers parenting programs, health education, social networking and English language skill development to newcomer Canadians.

While Mosaic has several locations throughout Winnipeg, the computers are given to students at their downtown centre where 90% of participants are refugees who speak very little English. According to Stephanie Stetefeld, LINC Coordinator, the computers that participants receive through the program are the first they have ever owned.

For most of Mosaic's LINC participants, a personal computer at home is a luxury they cannot afford. One such student was a single mother whose four teenagers were thrilled to have their own home computer and the chance to be like the other kids in their school.

"Computers are a part of our everyday lives," says Stetefeld. "Our participants need to have computer skills to be a part of the world." Mosaic integrates technology into all its language programming, but it becomes especially important in the higher-level classes when students learn how to use email and use the Internet, for example when looking for a job.

By partnering with Computers for Schools, Mosaic has ensured at least 60 newcomers and their extended families will not only build their English language proficiency, but their computer literacy as well. Together these organizations help close the gap that exists between people who can afford technology and those who cannot, linking our diverse communities to the digital age.

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