Other Services


We have limited drop-off and pick-up services for equipment.

Note: There may be a fee associated with this service.

If you need to have your equipment dropped-off or picked-up, please contact us to make arrangements.


Our policy is to wipe all hard drives from donated and recycled computers and multi-function printers. For your own security, we also strongly recommend that you or someone from your organization wipe the hard drives prior to donation.

We wipe all drives according to national standards and if a drive fails the wiping process, we remove the circuit board and drill a hole through the platter, ensuring we hit all cylinders.


CFS-MB accepts returns of malfunctioning equipment, provided the equipment was originally received from CFS-MB. Returned CFS-MB equipment will be repaired or replaced.

If your equipment cannot be repaired, we will replace it with equipment that matches the same level, functionality and capacity as what you received originally.

We are unable to retrieve any data that may be resident on the hard drive and will make no efforts to do so. Any computers with software related problems will have their hard drives wiped. To prevent loss of data, please ensure your files and folders are backed up.

Note: CFS-MB does its best to provide functioning equipment. However, any subsequent liabilities or repair costs are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

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