(as of March 13, 2019)

Desktops/Laptops Price
Desktop Core 2/AMD x2 Free
Desktop i-Series $100
Laptop i-Series $100
Software Price
Windows 10 Operating System $10
Office Home & Business 2010 $10
Edubuntu (Linux) Operating System Free
LibreOffice Free
Delivery Price
Within Winnipeg $25.00
Within Winnipeg, 25+ Units Free
Outside Winnipeg Please Contact

Note 1: No fees for peripherals, such as printers, scanners, switches, etc.

Note 2: Different client groups are eligible for different software.


Payment should be made to Computers for Schools (Manitoba). GST [5%] and PST [7%] will be applied to equipment unless exemption numbers are provided. No taxes are charged on software.

No equipment will be delivered or supplied unless payment has been received prior to equipment pick-up or delivery.

Unite Interactive