Student Testimonials


As a newcomer experienced in IT, I was looking for something to start with. Fortunately, I was hired by Computers for Schools, non-profit organization providing students and schools with computers and supplies. They provided the opportunity of getting not only the experience related to my career, but also Canadian experience important for me. Moreover, it was a very good chance to start continuing my career here in Canada. It was my pleasure to work in such a friendly environment. Thank you.


Great experience, it gave me an opportunity to gain work experience, work with individuals of all specialties, and helped me mature as an individual, as well as a professional.


I can honestly say that thanks to Computers for Schools I can achieve the goals I have set out. With the extra time you made possible for me at the facility I learned a lot of skills that go far beyond just a technical aspect that are going to help me immensely. I hope to see only good things for the facility and everyone there.

Again, thank you for everything.

John (JC)

CFSL has given me the opportunity to gain experience as a new immigrant here in Canada and culturally diverse environment. CFSL is also an awesome place to work. The learning is great and the people are fantastic.


Working at CFSL was definitely worth it. The coworkers and management are amazing. Everyone works together in building a foundation that shows what teamwork is like and what knowledge building truly is. I'm glad I got the opportunity to work with an amazing team.

Unite Interactive