Smart Option for Recycling

August 25, 2015

One good turn deserves another at Computers for Schools. When you donate used electronic equipment to the not-for-profit organization, there's a beneficial snowball effect. A national initiative co-founded in 1993 by Industry Canada and the TelecomPioneers and supported by the Province of Manitoba, Computers for Schools (CFS) has positive impact on three fronts:

  • It refurbishes computers, peripheral equipment and other electronics so they can be used in schools, libraries, First Nations communities and many more nonprofit educational settings.
  • It provides hands-on, practical work experience for information technology (IT) students at its on-site workshop. CFS is a Microsoft authorized refurbisher.
  • It ensures safe, secure and environmentally responsible recycling of computers and other electronics as an e-waste collection site for the Electronic Products Recycling Association (EPRA) in Manitoba.

CFS Manitoba CEO Karen Kerr says on average 10,000 computers are collected each year at the organization's Winnipeg headquarters at 75 Terracon Place. "We can take your computer and either reuse it or recycle it. Either way we keep it out of the landfill and extend the life of it if it's reused," Kerr says.

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