Canadian Mental Health Association, Manitoba and Winnipeg's Success Story

April 22, 2021

An excerpt from our Success Stories page:

"At Canadian Mental Health Association, Manitoba and Winnipeg, our mission is "To honour and promote the mental health of all Manitobans and to support individuals who experience mental illness and addictions issues to achieve recovery and well-being within healthy and supportive communities." As we purposefully work to carry this out each day, we need valuable partners as part of the 'supportive community' that we can count on to assist us in supporting individuals' mental health recovery and self-empowerment as they take steps forward on their journey. Computers for Schools Manitoba is such a partner, and they in a very practical way can support some key elements of people's recovery goals through the provision of their computer resources."

Want to learn more about what CMHA Manitoba and Winnipeg does? Go to

To stay up to date on what they're up to, check out their calendar at: Their next event is the CMHA Mental Health Week, taking place from May 3-9, 2021.


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