Computers for Schools - National Program

Computers for Schools is a national program that refurbishes computers donated from government, private businesses and individuals for use by schools, libraries, registered not-for-profit learning organizations and Aboriginal communities.

For more information on the National program and other Computers for Schools located throughout Canada, please visit Industry Canada: http://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/cfs-ope.nsf/eng/home

Computers for Schools - Manitoba

Computers for Schools Manitoba was co-founded in 1993 by Industry Canada and the Telecom Pioneers to refurbish computers and related equipment donated by governments, businesses, and individuals. These computers are distributed across Manitoba to schools, libraries, registered not-for-profit learning organizations, aboriginal communities, and post-secondary students.

Computers for Schools Manitoba (CFS-MB) has operated successfully for more than 25 years with continued support from the federal and provincial governments. We incorporated in 1998 as a Non-Profit Organization.

When we started, CFS-MB employed one staff member, working in a space the size of a small conference room. The organization has evolved to employ six full time staff and an average of 16 interns and Co-op students at a given time, working in a large warehouse and office space in the St. Boniface Industrial Park.

As our capacity grew, so did our ability to recycle more e-waste. In 2012, CFS-MB became a registered EPRA e-waste depot and is now one of EPRA's largest sites, open year-round.

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