1. Are donated hard drives formatted?

  2. Will you pick up my donation?

  3. Do you deliver equipment?

  4. Who do I contact to make a donation?

  5. Does it cost anything to receive computers?

  6. Are taxes charged on orders?

  7. Is software loaded on the computers?

  8. Is there a warranty?

  9. How many computers/laptops can I order?

  10. Is there an after-hours drop off for donations?

  11. When do I pay for my order?

  12. Can a K-12 student apply for computers?

  13. Am I eligible for a computer if I am taking an online course?

  14. Am I eligible for a tax receipt?

  15. Can someone else pick up my order for me?

  16. Do I have to return the computer I got from Computers for Schools?

  17. What kind of monitor can I get?

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